Do Americans really understand the
nature of Islam? Is Islam truly a
religion of peace? Does your church
or ministry know how to share
Isa (Jesus) with Muslims?

Islam Awareness is an extensive
and comprehensive course designed
to provide insight into the religion of
Islam, its founder, and its holy book.

The purpose of Islam Awareness
is to educate and equip Christians
in order to effectively witness to
Muslims in the community, as well as
to learn how to
discern related world events.

Islam Awareness offers a 4-6 hour
abbreviated study, as well as a 16 hour
detailed study of Islam. A variety of
lectures and lessons are available
addressing issues such as:

Reasons why Muslim terrorists attack
the West, specifically the U.S.

How to build bridges of love to Muslims

Is the Koran truly a holy book from
Jehovah God?

Roots and events of 9/11 - before
and after

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